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Please select a recipe from the list below. Each recipe contains details of our recommended choice mushroom, but also details of all other mushrooms that could also be used. If you have any variations or suggestions for other recipes, then we would love to hear from you! Email us at

Baked Cep Stuffed with Haggis

Baked Egg and Ink Caps

Blewit and Chicken Pie

Bottled or Canned Mushrooms

Butter-boiled Beefsteak

Caesar's Treat

Ceps with Paprika

Chantharellus Pie

Chicken of the Woods Casserole

Crunchy Puff-ball

Fairy Peppers

Flaming Hedgehogs

Four Ideas with Truffles

Girolles à la Forestière

Hen of the Woods Mushroom Turnovers

Horn of Plenty Stir Fry

Italian White Truffle

Lactarius and Beans

Lobster Mushroom Stirabout with Noodles

Morels à la Crème

Mousse Chaude aux Morelles

Mushroom Croustade

Oyster Mushrooms with Okra

Parasol Fritters

Russulas on Toast

Scallops with Mushroom Sauce

Soufflé Flan with St George's Mushroom Filling

St George's Mushroom

Stuffed Ceps

Truffles on a Serviette

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