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Agaricus bernardii.   Click a photo to enlarge it.   back to list

synonyms: Dünen-Egerling, Sziki csiperke
Agaricus bernardii Mushroom
Ref No: 6826
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Agaricus bernardii2 Mushroom
Ref No: 6827
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location: Europe
edibility: Edible
fungus colour: White to cream, Red or redish or pink
normal size: 5-15cm
cap type: Convex to shield shaped
stem type: Ring on stem
flesh: Flesh discolours when cut, bruised or damaged, Mushroom has distinct or odd smell (non mushroomy)
spore colour: Purplish to black
habitat: Found in fields, lawns or on roadsides

Agaricus bernardii (Quél.) Sacc. syn. A. campestris subsp. bernardii (Quél.) Konrad & Maubl.
Dünen-Egerling, Sziki csiperke. Cap 1–15cm across, hemispherical then flattened convex and often depressed, whitish to light brown, bruising reddish on handling, surface soon disrupting into coarse brownish scales. Stem 50–70 x 20–40mm, whitish, narrowing slightly at the greyish-brown base; ring sheathing, whitish and narrow. Flesh white becoming reddish orange on cutting. Taste slightly unpleasant, smell fishy. Gills pale grey then flesh-coloured becoming dark brown. Cheilocystidia thin-walled, elongate, cylindric, clavate or fusiform. Spore print dark brown. Spores broadly ovoid, 5.5–7 x 5–5.5µ. Habitat on sand dunes and meadows near the sea or sodic lakes, also on roadsides inland, possibly due to the practice of salting the roads in icy weather. Season autumn. Uncommon. Edible. Found In Europe.

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Robert Futcher (United Kingdom) - 01 September 2010

found this on roadside is it Agaricus bernardii
Agaricus bernardii2
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