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Bjerkandera adusta.   Click a photo to enlarge it.   back to list

synonyms: Leptopore brűlé, Rauchgrauer Porling, Smoky Bracket
Bjerkandera adusta 2 Mushroom
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Bjerkandera adusta Mushroom
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Bjerkandera adusta3 Mushroom
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location: North America, Europe
edibility: Inedible
fungus colour: White to cream, Grey to beige
normal size: 5-15cm
cap type: Other
stem type: Lateral, rudimentary or absent
spore colour: White, cream or yellowish
habitat: Grows in woods, Grows on wood

Bjerkandera adusta (Willd. ex Fr.) Karst. syn. Polyporus adustus Willd. ex Fr. Rauchgrauer Porling Leptopore brűlé, Smoky Bracket Bracket 2–4cm across, 1–2cm wide, 0.3–0.6cm thick, leathery, often several fused together in tiers or in an overlapping group which may be 20cm across or more, undulate and leathery, drying hard; upper surface suede-like, grey-brown with a white margin when young, becoming darker and blackening at the margin with age. Taste sourish, smell strongly fungusy. Tubes 0.5–1mm long, grey. Pores minute, subcircular, smoke grey darkening with age. Spores straw yellow, ellipsoid, 4.5–5.5 x 2.5–3µ. Hyphal structure monomitic; generative hyphae with clamp-connections. Habitat on dead wood of deciduous trees. Season all year, annual. Common. Not edible. Distribution, America and Europe.

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