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Bolbitius vitellinus.   Click a photo to enlarge it.   back to list

synonyms: Bolbitius jaune d'oeuf, Bolbitius titubans, Goldmistpilz, Sárga kérészgomba
Bolbitius vitellinus Mushroom
Ref No: 7175
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location: North America, Europe
edibility: Poisonous/Suspect
fungus colour: White to cream, Yellow
normal size: Less than 5cm
cap type: Conical or nearly so
stem type: Stem much longer than cap diameter
flesh: Flesh fibrous usually pliable (like grass), Mushroom slimy or sticky
spore colour: Rusty brown
habitat: Found in fields, lawns or on roadsides

Bolbitius vitellinus (Pers. ex Fr.) Fr. New syn. Bolbitius titubans Goldmistpilz Bolbitius jaune d'oeuf Yellow Fieldcap Cap 1–4cm across, acorn-shaped then bell-shaped, finally expanding to almost flat, very thin and almost transparent, chrome yellow at first fading to grey-brown at the margin, somewhat viscid when young drying shiny with age, deeply grooved at the margin. Stem 30–100´2–4mm, very delicate, whitish-yellow with a fine mealy powdering, base downy. Flesh thin and membranous above the gills, stem hollow. Gills crowded, pale yellow at first, later cinnamon or rusty. Spore print rust brown. Spores smooth, elliptic, 11–15 x 6–9µ. Habitat on rotting straw, manured grassland or wood chips. Season summer to late autumn. Frequent. Not edible. Distribution, America and Europe. Note There is a possibility that this well known fungus may have to change name to B. titubans in the future.

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Ian Powles (United Kingdom) - 14 October 2013

Bolbitius vitellinus
Slobodan Nikolic (Yugoslavia) - 25 June 2011

Bolbitius vitellinus
Mirosław Wantoch-Rekowski (Poland) - 24 August 2010

22/05/2010 Gdansk Oliwa dolina Samborowo.Poland
Bolbitius vitellinus
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