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Russula virescens.   Click a photo to enlarge it.   back to list

synonyms: Bise verte, Gefelderter Grüntäubling, Greencracked Brittlegill, Russule verdoyante, Varas zöld galambgomba, Varashátú galambgomba
Russula virescens 3 Mushroom
Ref No: 8299
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Russula virescens GK Mushroom
Ref No: 8300
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Russula virescens Mushroom
Ref No: 8301
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location: North America, Europe
edibility: Edible
fungus colour: White to cream, Yellow, Green, Grey to beige
normal size: 5-15cm
cap type: Convex to shield shaped
stem type: Simple stem
flesh: Mushroom has distinct or odd smell (non mushroomy), Flesh granular or brittle
spore colour: White, cream or yellowish
habitat: Grows in woods, Grows on the ground

Russula virescens (Schaeff. ex Zantedschi) Fr. Gefelderter Grüntäubling, Varas zöld galambgomba, varashátú galambgomba, Russule verdoyante, Bise verte, Greencracked Brittlegill. Cap 5–12cm across, globose, later convex, finally flattening and often wavy and lobed, verdigris to dull green often ochre-buff to cream in places, half peeling; surface breaking up into small, flattened, angular, scurfy scales. Stem 40–90 x 20–40mm, whitish to pale cream, browning slightly, powdered above, firm. Flesh white. Odor pleasant. Taste mild, nutty. Gills almost free, cream, somewhat brittle, with veins connecting the bases. Spore print whitish to pale cream (A–B). Spores ellipsoid-ovoid to somewhat globose with warts 0.2–0.5µ high, fine lines absent to fairly numerous and forming a fairly well-developed network, 7–9 x 6–7µ. Cap cystidia none; gill cystidia few, not or hardly reacting with SV. Cap hyphae forming a loose, cellular layer of variously shaped or inflated cells, the terminal ones tapering. Habitat under broad-leaved trees, especially beech. Season summer to early autumn. Uncommon. Edible. (Never eat any mushroom until you are certain it is edible as many are poisonous and some are deadly poisonous.) Distribution, America and Europe.

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Zoran Tasovac (Canada) - 21 July 2013

Ancaster, Ontario, July 17th, 2013.
Russula virescens
Lyubomir Radoev (Bulgaria) - 18 July 2013

Russula virescens
Slobodan Nikolic (Yugoslavia) - 13 August 2011

Russula virescens
Marjan Kustera (Yugoslavia) - 09 April 2011

Found and photo by Marjan Kustera,Serbia.
Russula virescens
Lorand Bartho (Hungary) - 14 October 2010

Russula virescens
Darryl Christensen (United States) - 23 August 2010

I found this specimen in mixed hardwoods in Westmoreland County, Virginia USA in August following heavy rains. This species can be abundant at times.
Russula virescens
Lorand Bartho (Hungary) - 14 January 2010

Russula virescens
Lorand Bartho (Hungary) - 06 May 2009

Hungarian name, Varas zöld galambgomba
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