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Langermannia gigantea.   Click a photo to enlarge it.   back to list

synonyms: Giant Puffball, Óriáspöfeteg, Riesenbovist, Vesse-de-loup géante
Langermania gigantea field Mushroom
Ref No: 9099
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Langermannia gigantea Mushroom
Ref No: 9101
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location: North America, Europe
edibility: Choice
fungus colour: White to cream
normal size: over 15cm
cap type: Other
stem type: Lateral, rudimentary or absent
spore colour: Light to dark brown
habitat: Grows on the ground

Langermannia gigantea (Batsch ex Pers.) Rostk. syn. Lycoperdon giganteum Batsch ex Pers. syn. Calvatia gigantea (Batsch ex Pers.) Lloyd syn. Lasiosphaera gigantea (Batsch ex Pers.) Giant Puffball, Smarda Riesenbovist Vesse-de-loup géante, Óriáspöfeteg (pöfeteg). Fruit body 7–80cm across, subglobose, whitish and leathery, the outer wall breaking away to expose the spore mass, attached to the substrate by a root-like mycelial cord which breaks leaving the fruit body free to roll around and so scatter the millions of spores. Gleba olivaceous-brown and powdery at maturity; sterile base absent or rudimentary. Spores tawny brown, globose, finely warted, 3.5–5.5m in diameter. Habitat in gardens, pasture and woods. Season summer to autumn. Uncommon but locally frequent. Edible when still white and firm – good. Distribution, America and Europe.

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Tudor Ioana (Romania) - 05 January 2013

Tudor Ioana si Paul Covic, Romania, 5 ianuarie 2013. Beºica porcului în româneºte
Langermannia gigantea
Mirosław Wantoch-Rekowski (Poland) - 23 February 2011

Gdansk Oliwa ul.Olsztynska.Poland
Langermannia gigantea
Susan Lukes (United Kingdom) - 13 September 2010

We have had several of these mushrooms in our garden in the last 3 weeks. Not knowing what they were we regreatably distroyed them thinking they were poisionous as we have an elderly dog. As I love mushrooms this was a shame. We have lived in the same property in East Sussex in the country for 24 years and have never seen them before. I will certainly be looking out for them next year and tale photos!!!!
Lorand Bartho (Hungary) - 02 December 2008

"Stromata" from the previous year
Langermannia gigantea
Lorand Bartho (Hungary) - 02 December 2008

Langermannia gigantea
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