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Mycena galericulata.   Click a photo to enlarge it.   back to list

synonyms: Common Bonnet, Mycène à bonnet, Mycène casqué, Rosablättriger Helmling, Rózsáslemezû kígyógomba
Mycena galericulata Mushroom
Ref No: 8396
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Mycena galericulata2 Mushroom
Ref No: 8397
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location: North America, Europe
edibility: Inedible
fungus colour: Grey to beige
normal size: 5-15cm
cap type: Conical or nearly so
stem type: Stem much longer than cap diameter
flesh: Mushroom has distinct or odd smell (non mushroomy)
spore colour: White, cream or yellowish
habitat: Grows in woods, Grows on wood

Mycena galericulata (Scop. ex Fr.) S.F. Gray syn. M. rugosa (Fr.) Quél. Bonnet Mycena, Mycène à bonnet, Mycène casqué, Rosablättriger Helmling, Rózsáslemezû kígyógomba, Helmmycena. Cap 2–6cm across, conical expanding to bell-shaped with broad umbo, brown or grey-brown with paler margin which is distinctly lined. Stem 20–100 x 3–8mm, concolorous with cap, paler near apex, hollow but tough, base covered in fine white fibrils and often rooting. Flesh thin, white. Taste mild, smell mealy when crushed, rancid. Gills adnate with decurrent tooth, white at first becoming flesh-pink. Cheilocystidia clavate covered with relatively long filiform processes. Spore print cream. Spores ellipsoid, amyloid, 9–12 x 6–8um. Basidia often two-spored. Habitat in clusters on stumps and fallen branches of broad-leaved trees. Season all year. Common. Edible – not worthwhile -avoid. Distribution, America and Europe.

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Andrew Block (United States) - 21 December 2012

Taken along Richards Rd., Adamstown Township, Oxford Co., ME, on 23 November 2012.
Mycena galericulata2
Lorand Bartho (Hungary) - 26 April 2009

This and other Mycena species are sometimes infested by PIN MOULD.
Mycena galericulata2
Lorand Bartho (Hungary) - 26 April 2009

Hungarian name, Rozsáslemezü kigyogomba
Lorand Bartho (Hungary) - 11 November 2008

Mycena galericulata2
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