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Lactarius and Beans
150 g (6 oz) Flageolet beans
1 onion
l cloves garlic
I green pepper
450 g (1 lb) Lactarius or Russula mushrooms
salt and pepper
Wild thyme


Soak the beans overnight, then boil gently for two hours until thoroughly soft. Wash mushrooms carefully and chop roughly, stalks included, unless very woody. Chop onion, garlic and half a green pepper, fry in a spoonful of oil or dripping until brown. Add mushrooms and fry - add a little water, or oil if you like your food rich, if necessary. Simmer gently until mushrooms are soft and the liquid is somewhat reduced (milk caps give off a lot of liquid during cooking). Add beans and wild thyme and cook the mixture for another 10-15 minutes. Flavour with pepper and salt. Delicious served with roast lamb. Lactarius are the favourite mushrooms of the Spanish, often preferred above Boletes.

Author: This recipe comes from Nicky Foy.

Alternative mushrooms
Lactarius deliciosus

Lactarius and Beans

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