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Flaming Hedgehogs
750 g (1½ lb) hedgehog fungus
225 g (½ lb) shallots
Oil and butter Paprika
Salt and pepper


Clean and cut the hedgehog fungus into bite-sized pieces. It can all be eaten except the very bottom of the stem and it does not need peeling. Peel and finely chop the shallots, fry both in a mixture of oil and butter for 10-15 minutes, with a good flavouring of paprika, pepper and salt. Just before serving stir in a little cream and gently reheat. Serve in the hot pan (this means that it is best to use a rather heavy pan so that it holds the heat) and at the table pour over the dish a ladleful of preheated calvados which you light just before pouring.

This exotic recipe has been translated and adapted from Mycologie du Goût by Marcel V. Locquin, 1977.

Hedgehog fungus is another species which is much sought after on the Continent and is now sold in a few specialist shops all over the world. The flavour when raw is unpleasantly bitter and for this reason some people blanch them in boiling water before cooking, but if you have good, fresh specimens I think this is unnecessary.

Author: Mycologie du Goût by Marcel V. Locquin, 1977.

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Flaming Hedgehogs

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