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Four Ideas with Truffles
As many truffles as you can find

The wonderful aroma of truffles can be turned to advantage and you will still retain the truffles to eat later. It also solves the problem of how to store them.

Brush the dirt and soil from each truffle and then place one or two in a large jar of, either, avorio rice, pasta shells or eggs. The truffle aroma will permeate the rice, pasta and even the eggs right through the shell.
After about three days just use the pasta rice or eggs to make a simple dish, there is no need for elaborate flavourings -the ingredients will have such a super truffle flavour.
Preserving truffles for a short time is best done in rice as the rice also absorbs any moisture and thus preserves the truffles from deteriorating.

Alternative mushrooms
Tuber aestivum
Tuber magnatum
Tuber melanosporum

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