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Hericium with White Sauce
Hericium with White Sauce
A recipe for Hericium coralloides sent to me from America by Betty Strawther

- in a skillet use 1 teaspoon olive oil or use olive oil spray
- add 1/4 stick butter melt over medium heat then add the following:
- 3/4 cup of the Hericium coralloides or other mushroom.
- 2 tablespoons minced green onion tops.
Sauté about 12 minutes, then slowly stir in:
- a sauce made while the above was cooking it is:
- I cup of half & half thicken with 1 rounded tablespoon flour or cornstarch.
The sauce looked thin at first but I think there is something in the H. coralloides that helps to thicken the sauce.
It taste good on saltine crackers, rice or noodles.
NOTE this is generally a rare mushroom and should only be collected when found in large quantities.

Author: Betty Strawther

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