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Morels in Cracker Batter
To serve four
Four medium to large morels
One fresh egg
6 crackers
1 Garlic clove crushed
Lettuce leaves

A well known American recipe

Clean your fresh morel I am happy to wash them although many authors say it reduces the flavor but as I often pick them after rain I don't understand this point.
Cut the morels in half or even quarters if they are very large.
Make a small bowl of egg batter salt and pepper rather generously.
Make a bowl of flour from broken crackers, (to make the flour wrap crackers in a dish cloth and roll with a rolling pin -the finer the better).
Heat butter in a heavy pan add garlic
Dip each piece of morel in egg batter and then give it a coating of the cracker flour
Cook for about 4 minutes turning occasionally in very hot butter.
Serve as a starter on lettuce leaves.

Alternative mushrooms
Morchella esculenta

Morels cooking in butter

Morels with cracker batter

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