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Blewit and Chicken Pie
450 g (1 lb) cooked chicken meat
350 g (12 oz) blewits of either kind
6 dl (1 pint) white sauce
Tarragon or mixed herbs
Pepper and salt
100 g (4 oz) short-crust pastry

This recipe came to me from S. L. Shute and can be used for both wood and field blewits. If you don't have enough filling you can add a few slices of potato to make up the volume. SERVES FOUR

Prepare a white sauce, seasoning well with herbs and salt and pepper. Slice the blewits and the chicken and layer them alternately in a deep pie dish. Roll out the pastry and cover, using an upturned egg cup in the centre to hold it up. Decorate imaginatively. Bake in a hot oven, 200C (400F, Mark 6) until the pastry is golden brown - about 45 minutes

Author: S. L. Shute

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Lepista irina
Lepista nuda
Lepista saeva

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