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Agaricus bohusii.   Click a photo to enlarge it.   back to list

synonyms: Agaricus elvensis (miss nomer in Cooke), Csoportos csiperke
Agaricus bohusii Mushroom
Ref No: 20231
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Agaricus bohusii  2 Mushroom
Ref No: 20232
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Agaricus bohusii  3 Mushroom
Ref No: 20233
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Agaricus bohusii  5 Mushroom
Ref No: 20235
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Agaricus bohusii 6 Mushroom
Ref No: 20236
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location: Europe
edibility: Choice
fungus colour: White to cream, Yellow
normal size: over 15cm
cap type: Distinctly scaly
stem type: Ring on stem
flesh: Flesh granular or brittle
spore colour: Purplish to black
habitat: Grows in woods, Grows on the ground, Found in fields, lawns or on roadsides

Agaricus bohusii Bon illustrated by Cooke as Agaricus elvensis 539 (522) Csoportos csiperke Serbian name: BUSENASTI ŠAMPINJON
Fruiting body: cap up to 20(30)cm, half-rounded and then flattened, covered with brown cuticula which is breaking up into triangular scales except in the middle, margin somewhat appendiculate. Gills close, at first salmon later dark brown coloured, sterile edge pale. Stem: up to 25x3cm, spindle-shaped, swollen in the middle, at first whitish then becoming brown with age, staining reddish brown and then dark brown on handling. Ring double, white, with lower layer peronate, becoming brown and torn.
Microscopy: spores egg-shaped, 6-7x4,5-6μm, brown colour en masse. Cheilocystidia numerous, club shaped.
Flesh: whitish, slightly brownish in stem, when cut flashing red then brownish or immediately brownish
Habitat: caespitose under broadleaved trees, especially under Ash (Fraxinus), rarely under Cedar (Cedrus) and then usually single; after showers in summer and early autumn.
Edibility: edible and prized. Rare in Britain but common in Serbia and southern Europe.
The photographs and text have been sent to me by Branislav Uzelac who will shortly be publishing an extremely comprehensive illustrated guide to the fungi of Serbia. The drawn illustration is from Cooke.The description and the identification by Branislav Uzelac, photographs by Goran Milošević.

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Joy Wright (Australia) - 06 March 2014

Found these today in Adelaide South Australia. So beautiful..intricate lace pattern.

Lorand Bartho (Hungary) - 13 June 2013

Hungarian name, Csoportos csiperke
kevin Burgin (United Kingdom) - 20 October 2012

Found on path under trees
Agaricus bohusii 6
Susan Valenzuela (United States) - 09 September 2012

Found in our front yard, Kent, Washington, USA on 06 September 2012
Agaricus bohusii 6
Slobodan Nikolic (Yugoslavia) - 21 July 2011

Agaricus bohusii 6
Marjan Kustera (Yugoslavia) - 28 June 2011

My best mushrooms friend- Dejan Stojanovic - ZMAJ,from Babusnica,southern Serbia,find and take photo of this beautiful fungus.IT is very rare also here in Serbia.

Slobodan Nikolic (Yugoslavia) - 11 February 2011

Agaricus bohusii 6
THOMAS pearman (United Kingdom) - 14 August 2010

Found in UK, under hedgerow August 14 partially erupted in a clump, slight discolour to reddish when cut, stipe thicker at bottom, gills pink,
Agaricus bohusii 6
Peter Edwards (South Africa) - 02 March 2010

Found today 2 March 2010 flower bed in Johannesburg South Africa!!....
Agaricus bohusii 6
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