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To help you identify a mushroom that you are unable to name, we have put together some of the field characteristics in a multi-access key form. Look through the characteristics below and click on two or three boxes that are most relevant to the specimens you are trying to identify, if that does not get you close try adding one or two more boxes.

To avoid doing a really detailed key with hundreds of questions to answer we have been rather arbitrary in restricting the choices, thus you may have a fungus that is fawn with distinct olivaceous tints, (not a colour in our key). Always go for the main colour or characteristic when forced to make this sort of choice. The most difficult group of mushrooms will always be white spored mushrooms with gills, which is by far the largest group
  key path:
If you are looking for one of the smaller fungi groups, please select 'other' from the dropdown above. You can then refine your search using the additional drop down menu which will then appear.
  ... and select additional criteria below:  
  North America Europe    
  Choice Edible Inedible  
  Hallucinogenic Poisonous/Suspect Deadly  
  fungus colour
  White to cream Yellow Blue  
  Green Red or redish or pink Violet or purple  
  Brown Black or blackish Grey to beige  
  normal size
  Less than 5cm 5-15cm over 15cm  
  cap type
  Conical or nearly so Funnel shaped Convex to shield shaped  
  Distinctly scaly Other Cup shaped  
  stem type
  Lateral, rudimentary or absent Ring on stem Volva on stem  
  Bulbous base of stem Stem much longer than cap diameter Simple stem  
  Flesh exudes white or watery latex (milk) when cut Flesh exudes coloured latex (milk) when cut Flesh discolours when cut, bruised or damaged  
  Mushroom has distinct or odd smell (non mushroomy) Flesh granular or brittle Flesh fibrous usually pliable (like grass)  
  Mushroom slimy or sticky Pore material cannot be seperated from flesh of the cap Other  
  spore colour
  White, cream or yellowish Pink Light to dark brown  
  Rusty brown Purplish to black Olivaceous  
  Grows in woods Grows on the ground Found in fields, lawns or on roadsides  
  Grows underground Grows on wood Grows on plant material/manure  
  Grows on other fungi Grows on dead insects  
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