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Agaricus vaporarius.   Click a photo to enlarge it.   back to list

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  • synonyms: Agaric de Bernard, Clustered Mushroom, Garten-Egerling, Komposztcsiperke, öves csiperke, Psalliote de Bernard
    Agaricus vaporarius Mushroom
    Ref No: 6877
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    Agaricus vaporarius2 Mushroom
    Ref No: 6878
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    location: Europe
    edibility: Poisonous/Suspect
    fungus colour: Brown
    normal size: 5-15cm
    cap type: Distinctly scaly
    stem type: Ring on stem
    spore colour: Purplish to black
    habitat: Grows in woods

    Agaricus vaporarius (Vitt.) Mos. syn. Psalliota vaporaria (Vitt.) Mřller & Schaeff. Garten-Egerling Agaric de Bernard, Psalliote de Bernard, Komposztcsiperke, öves csiperke, Clustered Mushroom. Cap 10–15cm across, subglobose at first expanding to flattened convex, dirty brown soon breaking up into large scales. Stem 60–120 x 25–50mm, tapering at the base which is deeply buried in the soil, white and smooth although initially with brown fibrous scales; ring thick and white, pendulous. Flesh white, reddening only slightly on cutting. Taste nutty, smell mushroomy. Gills pale pink at first later chocolate brown. Cheilocystidia numerous, thin-walled, clavate, hyaline, 18–28 x 4–10µ. Spore print brown. Spores subglobose, 6–7´4.5–6m. Habitat gardens and deciduous woods often developing below ground and pushing up through the soil as it expands. Season autumn. Rare. Edibility suspect -avoid. Found In Europe.

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    Craig Marchant (United Kingdom) - 01 January 2024

    Part of 26.12.14 specimen as cut 28/29.12.14 showing scales and 'damp' appearance on cutting.

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