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Agaricus littoralis.   Click a photo to enlarge it.   back to list

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  • synonyms: Nyomott-tönkű csiperke, szekszárdi csiperke, Strandegerling
    Agaricus littoralis GK Mushroom
    Ref No: 6851
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    Agaricus littoralis Mushroom
    Ref No: 6852
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    location: North America, Europe
    edibility: Edible
    fungus colour: White to cream
    normal size: 5-15cm
    cap type: Convex to shield shaped
    stem type: Ring on stem
    flesh: Mushroom has distinct or odd smell (non mushroomy), Flesh granular or brittle
    spore colour: Light to dark brown
    habitat: Grows on the ground, Found in fields, lawns or on roadsides

    Agaricus littoralis (Wak. & Pears.) Pilat. syn. A. spissicaulis. Strandegerling, Szekszárdi csiperke, nyomott-tönkű csiperke. Cap 5-13cm across, convex at first but soon flattened and later with a central depression. Margin of cap often incurved and overhanging gills. White or greyish-white to pale brown, smooth or with faint, flattened, darker scales at centre, with small fragments of veil hanging at margin. Stem 25-70 x 12-20mm, whitish to pale buff, stout, swollen and slightly bulbous at base, slightly browning on handling, with a narrow, pendent white ring about half way up. Base of stem usually has distinct white ‘roots’ or rhizomorphs. Flesh white with a brownish tint, thick in cap, faintly discolouring to pale orange-buff to pale reddish-brown when cut, smelling slightly of anise or almonds when fresh, later rather sour. Taste is pleasant and nutty. Gills free from stem, rather crowded and at first pale pinkish-brown then soon greyish-brown then dark brown. Spore print dark, chocolate brown. Spores ellipsoid, 6.5-8.5x5-6.5µ, smooth. Gill edge appearing sterile but with sparse, swollen cystidia. Habitat solitary or in small groups in dry sandy pastures, coastal dunes, or even along roadsides. Season summer to late autumn. Uncommon to rare. Edible but poor. Distribution, North America, Europe and North Africa. The first picture was taken by Geoffrey Kibby.

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