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Entoloma trachyospermum var. purpureoviolaceum.   Click a photo to enlarge it.   back to list

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  • Entoloma trachyospermum var purpureoviolaceum Mushroom
    Ref No: 7723
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    location: North America
    edibility: Poisonous/Suspect
    fungus colour: Violet or purple, Brown, Grey to beige
    normal size: 5-15cm
    cap type: Convex to shield shaped
    flesh: Flesh discolours when cut, bruised or damaged
    spore colour: Pink
    habitat: Grows in woods, Grows on the ground

    Entoloma trachyospermum var. purpureoviolaceum Largent Cap 1.5-6cm across, convex to broadly convex, becoming flatter with an obscure or broad umbo, with a margin decurved then wavy; dark brownish gray with purplish or reddish tinges, fading to more orange-gray on the disc and light brownish orange on the margin; smooth, sometimes minutely velvety, greasy and slippery to the touch, hygrophanous in radial streaks. Gills finely adnexed with a decurrent tooth, mostly subdistant but sometimes crowded to close, moderately broad; gray to bluish gray, becoming brownish pink in age. Stem10-90 x 2-8mm, equal or club-shaped; light bluish gray or grayish violet, base whitish tinged buff in age; greasy or slightly sticky, longitudinally lined, hygrophanous and rippled, base covered in long, soft hairs. Flesh pale buff, becoming grayish blue to dark blue on exposure to the air. Odor not distinctive or pleasant. Taste not distinctive or pleasant. Spores ovoid to warty, angular, 5.5-8 x 5.5-7.. Deposit pinkish. Habitat scattered or in groups in needle duff or mossy humus in coniferous forests. Found in Washington. Season September-November. Edibility not known -suspect.

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