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Hapalopilus nidulans
Hebeloma crustuliniforme
Hebeloma edurum
Hebeloma illicitum
Hebeloma mesophaeum
Hebeloma pusillum
Hebeloma radicosum
Hebeloma sacchariolens
Hebeloma sinapizans
Hebeloma sterlingii
Hebeloma strophosum
Hebeloma truncatum
Helvella costifera
Helvella crispa
Helvella elastica
Helvella lacunosa
Hemimycena lactea
Hericium coralloides
Hericium erinaceus
Hericium ramosum
Heterobasidion annosum
Hirschioporus abietinus
Hohenbuehelia geogenia
Humaria hemisphaerica
Hydnellum aurantiacum
Hydnellum caeruleum
Hydnellum concrescens
Hydnellum geogenium
Hydnellum mirabile
Hydnellum peckii
Hydnellum pineticola
Hydnellum regium
Hydnellum scrobiculatum
Hydnellum spongiosipes
Hydnellum suaveolens
Hydnochaete olivacea
Hydnotria tulasnei
Hydnum repandum
Hydnum rufescens
Hydnum umbilicatum
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